Dropshipping Hair Extensions

#1 in Hair Extension Dropshipping!

The barrier to entry in E-Commerce has been set much lower with the rise of the popular service, dropshipping. Dropshipping allows online store owners to buy from suppliers at the wholesale price at smaller quantities and have the products shipped directly to the consumer. This allows the store owner to hold virtually any inventory for their online business. It also will save a daily trip to the post office to drop off packages!

One of our hair extension services is Private Label Extensions, a USA based wholesale hair extension supplier. Last year I decided to work on creating a few dropshipping solutions for hair extensions. It just made sense. We already have all the hair in stock. We are fantastic with logistics and technology. It was the perfect spinoff of our current solution.

We first created Dropship Extensions which offers a free Shopify APP. You set up your Shopify store and then import the app. The app allows you to import all our products. Once you have your store all set up and a customer makes a purchase the app will automatically charge the store owners card the wholesale price. Our team packs & ships the order and provides the store owner with tracking information. The store owner then keeps the difference between the Retail Price and Wholesale Price which is usually a really great margin.

I later realized that many store owners already had a store set up but was tired of the ordering and shipping process. In a weekend I created the base for Dropship Bundles. I had the vision for the dropshipping idea in my head an had to create it! This is a membership-based site that gives you access to all our inventory at wholesale prices. We will also ship small dropship orders to our member’s customers. This program has been a huge success over the past few months!

It is also important to remember the impact of having a website SEO optimized for success. As you can see in the image above we rank both #1 and #2 for Dropshipping Hair Extensions. This is a huge accomplishment as there have been other companies in the industry for much longer than us. We have focused on a long term strategy for SEO success. You have to focus on great content, site structure, internal linking and sometimes luck. I remind my awesome team that many of our projects are going to take 1 – 2 years to be successful in search. Maybe we got lucky on this one?

Mikey Moran

I am a serial entrepreneur! My previous products, marketing techniques and strategies have been featured in the likes of The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, FOX, CBS, CNBC, ABC, INC, AJC, Social Media Marketing for Dummies, Atlanta Business Chronicle and around the web.