Episode Two VLOG

The Big Short Movie was AWESOME!!!

The Big Short Movie

The Big Short

I really enjoyed the movie “The Big Short” as it really took me back to the horrible financial times and decisions made by America. Amazing what GREED and lack of financial education can do to an entire nation. Millions of Americans lost their homes, jobs, retirement and sense of security. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and never do this again. Although, history always seems to repeat itself with people saying “oh no, this time it is different.” Really?

The rest of my day was really calm. I really didn’t take much time off around Christmas so I think it is important to recharge my batteries before hitting it harder than ever on Monday. There is some BUZZ starting to stir up over the Wig Market concept that connect buyers and sellers of custom made wigs.

Figo Pasta in Atlanta is always awesome! Check out their lunch special that offers both a small salad and bowl of pasta. I will do lunch there anytime. Stocked up on groceries for the week over at the local Publix. Enjoyed a glass of red wine while Sir Minion tried to attack my straw.

Day Two – Mikey Moran in 2016

I am really starting to appreciate my Canon G7X camera. It really offers amazing quality video in a small package. Not really surprised that it is always rated the best VLOGGING camera in 2015. I am really excited to see what technology will come out in 2016. My pocketbook is not.

My goal is to be more efficient with editing videos with Premier Pro CC. This second video was a lot easier to make tweaks, adjust sound and do a few cool effects. The car was seen is speeded up 500% to give it a really cool effect. I am expecting to make some treat improvements with the quality of my videos over the next couple months. Leaning the hot keys and some advanced techniques on Adobe’s Premier Pro will help out a lot.

Day two as a YouTube celebrity was great!

Mikey Moran

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