Fight Consumer Fraud

Fighting Fraud in the Hair Extension Industry

We have been making great headway in the hair extension industry! From supplying wholesale, retail, technology, wig marketplace and more many know my group as the Atlanta Hair Connect. We have been working hard to build relationships with everyone we do business within every aspect of the business. Although, there is one thing that I absolutely hate about the hair extension business. FRAUD & CHARGEBACKS! This industry is so great except for this aspect of the business. Hair Extensions are considered “high risk” transactions by credit card processors. It is time to change that!

Consumer Fraud Industry

Over the past few days, I have taken action by creating the Consumer Fraud Agency website. The purpose of the site is to get business owners to come together in one place to list the details of fraudulent customers. The website is easily searchable so if a business owner has a feeling a transaction is fraudulent they can check the system as a backup. We are going to encourage hair extension business owners to submit all the information they can about the scammers in the industry. The website is heavily SEO optimized so this information will be readily available in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is time to fight back!

If you or any of your contacts are business owners in the hair extension industry please help us fight back and join the Consumer Fraud Agency!

Mikey Moran

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