Episode Six VLOG Mikey Moran

First Ever Weave Infomercial “Weaveomercial”

Day 5

Went behind the scenes today for an amazing Infomercial product by Maja Sly and her Pretty Hair Now hair extension brand. This is the very first “Weave Infomercial” I believe that has ever been in production. And oh what a production! This was not just your average video shoot. It was in a professional studio with a full on video production crew. We are talking BIGTIME here! It is so amazing to know someone like Maja that is taking the hair industry to the next level.

Maja Sly BTS

I got some fun behind the scenes footage with some friends from Pretty Hair and some of my team was there including Dallas Christopher and Zakiyrah Ficklin. We were having a blast while the stylists were getting the models ready for filming. WETV was also on the scene filming another episode with Maja for Cutting it in the ATL season 2. Getting the infomercial on the show will be like a double wammy for exposure. You just can’t beat all this exposure. Truly amazing!

Later I explained a little more what Wig Market was going to be and how it is currently in development. Because stylists are always on mobile phones and never really on standard computers we thought it was crucial to launch with both Android and iPhone apps. Wig makers will be able to quickly list their products, pricing and features directly from the app. We wanted to make it as easy and efficient as possible for the supply of wigs to grow on the site. This will be crucial for the growth of the site.

I have been doing a lot of research on Marketplace types of businesses and understand it is going to be a real challenge no matter how great the idea. I do have an advantage because of the amazing relationships I have built in the hair industry over the past few years. We also have a bunch of well ranking websites that can help give the site a SEO boost with a bunch of high quality links. We have just a few weeks to go before this exciting project launches!

One of my goals for the VLOG is to improve my video shooting & editing skills. I would consider it is my only real hobby at this point. I published this video and later noticed the volume of the background music near the end was a few decibels high. I could of fixed it and then re-uploaded the video but want to look back and see how my skills have improved. Can’t wait to look back after a few months of shooting. I expect to have much higher quality videos.

Mikey Moran

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