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Wig Market is coming!

There is no shortage of customers for trendy custom made wigs that are handcrafted by creative stylists around the United States. The issue with most stylists is they do not have an efficient platform to sell their wigs. I would see photos of wigs for sale on Instagram and Facebook but it is not a platform for sales. Stylists are also limited by their social following for customers. Not everyone has a following of over 100k people that makes it easier to move products. There are other marketplace platforms like Etsy, eBay and Amazon but single wig items would be lost in the crowd. And who is looking for wigs on eBay?

Wig Market is the first marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of custom made wigs. Sellers can create their free store on the platform and upload an unlimited amount of products. Wig Market charges a 10% fee for all sales on the platform that help build the technology and marketing for the platform. This is a huge opportunity for any stylist looking to sell their custom made wigs!

Wig Marketplace

Wig Market is a custom built system that will also have Android and iPhone apps for sellers. Stylists are often on the go and not in front of their computers. The apps will make it easy to quickly list their products online. They have two options for listing wigs. You can have a wig that is completed and ready to ship. There is also a “Customizable Product” feature where stylists can upload photos of previously made wigs and have customers able to customize it. The Wig Market platform is looking to launch to the public on July 1st when it has a store filled with products. This is a really exciting project for the hair extension & wig industry that has not seen many technology advancements in some time.

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