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How do you start your day?

I think I have tried it all. From “sleeping in” so I will get lots of rest and think I will be super productive all day to waking up at the break of dawn. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but really think it is more important to find a happy medium. One of the most important aspects of life I learned in 2014 is consistency. This is difficult to achieve if your life is full of extremes. I don’t want to wake up at 3 am every morning like Eric Thomas. It is not realistic for my lifestyle as I usually go to sleep close to midnight. I don’t want to wake up just before heading to the office, throwing on clothes and eating a breakfast sandwich in the car (many surveys show this is what most of the lowest income in the US do). It was important for me to find out what activities the most successful people do and work them into a schedule that works for me.

I have found my happy medium morning routine!

Waking up at a modest 6:45 am has been something I can do on a consistent basis. Remember, consistency is key! The first thing I do every morning is drink a large glass of water. This has been proven to quickly clear toxins, balance your lymph system, renew cells and aid in loosing weight. The cost, time and benefits of this quick life-hack are overwhelmingly positive. And it only takes 30 seconds! You have now activated your body.

I then grab my Kindle Paperwhite and start reading for at least 30 minutes. Learning first thing in the morning is a great motivator. Your brain is fresh and now activated for positive thinking that is inspired by what you are reading. You have now activated your mind.

Now with my mind and body awake I grab a pair of running shoes and go for a quick run for about 30 minutes. If you are first starting out I recommend walking for a minute then running for 30 seconds. Last year I stopped running with music because I realized how free my mind and body were when running in the morning. As much as I love listening to music, it clouded my morning thoughts. Having a clear mind allows me to plan the rest of my day in my mind during the run.

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When returning home I drink another glass of water and start preparing a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Your body will recover quickly from exercise if you properly feed it within 30 minutes of exercise. Cooking & eating breakfast is a great way to kill time and let your body cool down from your morning physical activity.

A quick shower and I am off to the office on time every time.

Consistency is Key!

Like any extreme diet, your morning routine has to be something that you can constantly do day in and day out. If it so extreme you will fight to keep up just the first few weeks. The idea is to have something you can do every day all year. If you don’t like to run, get some weights, do yoga, kettle bell or really any physical activity for about 30 minutes in the morning. It has to be something you enjoy doing so you will continue to do it.

If you have something that has helped you become more successful in starting your day please leave it in the comments section below.

Mikey Moran

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