Dropship Bundels

I Didn’t Sleep for a Week

Everyone Wants to Dropship Hair Extensions

In 2015 I launched the first hair extension app for Shopify called the Dropship Extensions App. The idea behind the app is revolutionary for the hair extension industry where there are not too many tech advancements. The idea was simple to where you open a shop on the Shopify platform. Install the app the imports the products. It connects the seller’s store with our inventory and you are off to the races with your own hair extension store. The idea is fantastic but there is a little extra legwork that needs to be done with designing the store that can be challenging for most. Got it.

Our business has been thriving and I always look to improve what we offer from both a hair product and tech product standpoint. Over the past year, I have taken the feedback from our wholesale/dropship clientele and started to really brainstorm about how to make a more simple and efficient solution that could work not only for a website but social media, in person and every other sales channel.

I Woke up at 4 AM

On Friday, February 5th I woke up at 4 am. I didn’t just wake up, I was wide awake with my brain running a million miles an hour. I felt like I had taken one of those pills from the movie Limitless. My idea for a simple yet advanced system for dropshipping hair extensions was crystal clear. I hopped out of bed, fired up the iMac and got to work. That weekend you couldn’t pry me away from the computer even if you had the “jaws of life.”

Along with my daily responsibilities and eight days later the website (Phase I) was complete. Dropship Bundles was launched! It is a fully functional, membership-based system that allows users to dropship hair extensions to their customers. It was a clean way to give members instant access to our inventory at wholesale pricing. Brilliant.

I know Phase II will be a game changer. We will offer fully functional hair extension e-commerce stores. Just send us your logo, about & contact info and you are launched. This pairs perfectly with our Private Label Extensions that offers hair extensions at wholesale prices.

Mikey Moran

I am a serial entrepreneur! My previous products, marketing techniques and strategies have been featured in the likes of The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, FOX, CBS, CNBC, ABC, INC, AJC, Social Media Marketing for Dummies, Atlanta Business Chronicle and around the web.