Cutting it in the ATL

Mikey on Cutting it in the ATL?

Atlanta Hair Connect on Reality TV

If you love hair and reality TV then look no further than Cutting it in the ATL on WE TV. The show includes a bunch of stylists in Atlanta that own hair salons and “compete” against each other in the industry. I was asked to film a few scenes in November & December of 2015. I know they shoot a LOT of different scenes over the few months of filming so you never know what will actually air once they chop up the footage.

A friend had early access to some of the episodes and said that I was in the second one as best she could remember. This could be interesting. I generally keep who we work with very private as I do understand people, especially in the hair industry, like to protect their sources. Our wholesale company Private Label Extensions is truly private about their clients. When celebrities come into our office the staff is not going to ask for a selfie with them.

Nope. Never. We treat everyone the same. There are really two sides to being successful in the hair industry and you need both to really make it. Think of it as a restaurant, there is a “Front of the House” and Back of the House.” The front of the house is the appearance, marketing, customer service and everything else the customer sees. This is what most people like to do. Our team handles the back of the house for clients.

This includes product inventory, shipping, logistics, packaging, product sourcing, and tracking. We also handle the technology behind a lot of brands with web development. The back of the house is what we are GREAT at. When you team up with someone, like on a TV show, it becomes a very powerful team.

It would be exciting to make my Reality Television debut tonight on Cutting it in the ATL. Although, I never really get excited until I actually see it. Check out Cutting it in the ATL tonight on WE TV at 10 PM ET to see if I made the cut!

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