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New Hair Extension Clearance Project!

Another Hair Extension Weekend Warrior Project

Do you ever get an idea? It happens to me way too often. Especially when it comes to a new web project! As an Entrepreneur, you have to be careful about having too many irons in the fire. I try to stay focused on everything “Hair Extensions” because that is the space I am in. Building a network of hair extension websites over the past few years has become a very successful venture. Anytime I can find a reason to build a new site I will. And I will usually do it really fast.

I was hanging out in Atlanta Friday night with my mind doing it’s normal wandering and thought about the extra hair we always have in the office. This is generally from companies sending us samples, trying to create products for our customers and suppliers not making them perfect or a host of other reasons. I needed an easy way to sell these. I also wanted to find a way to sell products that are not in our normal hair product line. Not sure why but I thought of a clearance site that creates a sense of urgency by the prices dropping hourly with limited quantities. Yeah you can keep waiting for the price to drop but another customer might scoop it up before you. This was it. I was going to create the site this weekend.

Hair For Sale Clearance

I generally always go with a .COM domain name but was feeling a little “crazy” this weekend and ventured into the new realm of domain extensions. I picked up Hair.ForSale! You really can’t get much better than that for a hair clearance domain name. I designed a simple but sweet looking logo (pictured above), set up a new WordPress site, bought a minimal theme and went to work. I was flying through the project without any issues. At this point, it is almost scary how fast I can build new hair brands with one of my ideas. In this case, the total time from start to finish may have been a total of 5 hours. I usually break up my development projects in segments so I can be hyper-efficient.

Price Drop

This week I plan on adding a bunch of new products. Really excited about the hourly price drop concept. I almost think I built this site just to try and figure out how to do the price dropping feature. Either way, the site looks amazing on Desktop & Mobile. Mobile is crucial for the hair extension business as about 90% of our shoppers are doing so from their mobile phones.

Just another fun weekend warrior project in Atlanta!

Mikey Moran

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