Episode 5 VLOG

No. No. No. No. So. Oh Hey Maja Sly!

Day 5

Had a great time in Atlanta today! Started the day our right with setting up a lunch meeting with my favorite Man of Motivation Kendall Ficklin. Will be excited to formally introduce him to my YouTube Channel. Setting up the lunch sounded so good I decided to go to Tacos & Tequilas today as well. This is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta so I could easily go there almost every other day.

Kendall Ficklin

Got a message that the one and only Maja Sly was in the office so I thought I would head up to talk some business about the upcoming filming of her Infomercial. I call it a Weaveomercial and think it is Awesome! We absolutely love doing business with Maja. She is the hardest working woman in weave! We will have plenty of her in upcoming episodes! Go Maja Sly go!

Headed over to T&T for lunch. My partner in crime, Raj aka “Raj Nation”, joined me for another great lunch. We had an amazing waitress that was so much fun. Of course, she also recognizes me from YouTube. Something I have to get used to I guess. For lunch, I had the T&T Chicken salad. Fantastic! Raj was off the diet and had an amazing looking quesadilla.

After lunch, we jumped in the HEMI and cruised the Atlanta streets for a bit. We ended up a property in town that Raj has been renovating. Ran into Terrance “BIG MOVES” the Electrician. He is a great electrician for the money. I would give you a link to his website but don’t think he has one.

Ended the afternoon with a tasty and caffeine inspired iced coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts. I really love this place!

I was doing some planning for the Wig Market release that is just a few weeks away. The BETA launch will be a short testing period before launching at Bronner Brothers in February. This is really getting exciting!

Mikey Moran

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