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I Didn’t Sleep for a Week

Everyone Wants to Dropship Hair Extensions In 2015 I launched the first hair extension app for Shopify called the Dropship Extensions App. The idea behind the app is revolutionary for…


No. No. No. No. So. Oh Hey Maja Sly!

Day 5 Had a great time in Atlanta today! Started the day our right with setting up a lunch meeting with my favorite Man of Motivation Kendall Ficklin. Will be…


Sriracha Ketchup for the Win!

Day 3 I always enjoy my Sundays in Atlanta with a little work around the house, a fabulous lunch and whatever events can be had. I try NOT to work…


The Big Short Movie was AWESOME!!!

The Big Short I really enjoyed the movie “The Big Short” as it really took me back to the horrible financial times and decisions made by America. Amazing what GREED…


Shots From Savannah

A few of my favorite photos from a weekend trip to Savannah. I shot the photos with a Canon T3i and the Canon 50 MM 1.4 lens. Thanks for looking!

Private Label Hair Extensions!

We have taken the network marketing aspect of the hair extension business by storm with Luxury Hair Direct. After meeting with countless stylists and salon owners we have now launched…