Episode Three Mikey Moran

Sriracha Ketchup for the Win!

Day 3

I always enjoy my Sundays in Atlanta with a little work around the house, a fabulous lunch and whatever events can be had. I try NOT to work too much on Sundays so my brain can cool off and get me really fired up to take over the world on Monday while most have Monday blues.

Started off the day installing a new set of battery powered LED lights outside. They are fantastic! I ended up putting them on both sides of my house. They are battery powered with motion sensors to limit the amount of time they are on. I didn’t feel like dealing with something that had to be wired in. I really have no idea how long the batteries will last but am hoping for the best.

Had a fantastic Chicken Sandwich at Fontaine’s Oyster House along with a side of fries. Fontaine’s is located in the heart of the Virginia Highlands right above the Highland Tap. I was attempting to eat something really healthy until I noticed a bottle of Sriracha Ketchup on the table. I couldn’t resist! The fried came out piping hot and perfectly seasoned. It was all fantastic!

Sriracha Ketchup

That night I picked up Chris Harter and headed to my friend Danny’s birthday party. It was located at his house up in Alpharetta which is a little bit of a hike. Although, for a guy like Danny I would drive across country if I had to. Picked him up a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Danny’s parted had a Valet Service, hostess, custom bottle water & coaster, amazing food and fireworks you could probably see and for sure hear from a mile away. It was great to catch up with some old friends. Danny is a partner with my favorite music app, Fit Radio, that plays DJ engineered music. (check it out!)

I really wish I could have captured better video footage but the battery in my Canon G7X had other ideas. It was my first time using Premier Pro with footage from my cell phone so it was great to learn something new.

Another great day that prepped me to crush it on Monday!

Mikey Moran

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