What is Your Value?


Are you valuable? Yes, of course you are!

This morning I was reading, for the second time, the e-book “6 Months to 6 Figures” and came across a section that made so much sense to me the first time I read it a few weeks back.

The sections starts off with a quote from Jim Rohn:

“You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace, and if you’re not very valuable you don’t make much money.”

Something so simple but makes so much sense. Are you ever sitting at home watching TV and wondering why you are not making more money? It is probably because you are sitting at home watching TV!

What are you doing to raise your personal value and worth? What skills are you learning outside of your 9 to 5 job? Some might be taking night classes at their local college. Others are learning online. Really think about what you did last week to better yourself which will in turn increase your earnings. I recently wrote about my morning routine and how it involves reading. It is the first thing I do in the morning. It sets the tone for the day, learning!

If you are not happy where you are in the workplace or business take a moment and really think about what you are doing to increase your personal value or skills. Most people are paid what they are worth. Think about the value you are personally bringing to the world. The quicker you start to increase your value the quicker you will notice larger checks and a better life.

With all the free resources to learn about anything online there are absolutely no excuses. Stop making them and start doing more!

Mikey Moran

I am a serial entrepreneur! My previous products, marketing techniques and strategies have been featured in the likes of The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, FOX, CBS, CNBC, ABC, INC, AJC, Social Media Marketing for Dummies, Atlanta Business Chronicle and around the web.