Semalt Crawler in Google Analytics

Semalt Crawler

I have noticed recently that my websites have been getting a lot more traffic. WooHoo! After looking into where the traffic was coming from, with high hopes of organic search, there was a referrer “” that was constantly crawling my site. I also noticed their visits were rated at a 100% bounce rate which indicates their wasn’t activity from the visit. Strange?

After further research I realized Semalt was a technical bot of the webmaster analytics tool Do I really need this bot to crawl my website and inflate my analytics? Heck no! No worries, you can submit your website to their directory and they will stop crawling your site. So they say. It is kinda like the “do not call list” for tech bots.

Remove Your Site From

Now back to more realistic traffic stats and a better bounce rate.

Mikey Moran

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