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Atlanta Hair Extension Supplier!

For the last few years I have been focusing my entrepreneurial efforts on building hair extension brands for Celebrities, Stylists & Salon Owners. Living in Atlanta, the mecca of weave/hair extensions, it has been fantastic connecting with other hair companies to grow their business. We started with our affiliate hair extension system which branched off into many different divisions. I have built a fantastic team to help manage the aspects of the different hair companies that has allowed us to continue growth quickly. Here are a few of the hair projects I am currently working on.

Private Label Extensions is an Atlanta based Wholesale Hair Extension supplier. This division supplies many different celebrities and stylists. Since it is “Private Label” we keep our contacts protected by not saying exactly who we work with. You will not see myself or our employees taking selfies with our celebrity friends. The advantage of Private Label Extensions is we inventory the hair for incredibly fast delivery times and local pickup here in Atlanta. Our technology and ability to quickly build a hair brand for people is remarkable. Private Label Extensions has a few different divisions that include Dropship Extensions, Dropship Bundles & Hair For Sale.

Dropship Extensions is the first Shopify app that quickly lets you create your own hairline. The app automatically imports our products and gives you instant access to our inventory at wholesale dropship pricing. It is really awesome! We are helping new stores launch daily with the ease of using the app. If you are proficient with Shopify you can really get the ball rolling quickly. Once the products are imported you set your own pricing and start selling. It is really just that easy.

Dropship Bundles is a wholesale hair dropshipping membership site. Once you are a member you can send customers their hair extension orders. The system is great because it allows you to sell hair extensions anywhere online. You don’t even really need a website to start selling hair. Facebook even allows you to create a store on a Facebook page. Selling hair online is a great way to earn an extra income. The benefits of dropshipping is that you don’t have to make big up front investments for hair extensions. All orders ship from our Atlanta office the same day and arrive in just 1 – 3 business days to customers all over the US.

Hair For Sale is our hair extension clearance division. It is the first time I am using a domain name other than a .com for a project as the URL is www.Hair.ForSale. We order samples from manufacturers worldwide and need a way to discount hair that we may not sell for a while. It is also a great way to buy large quantities and blow it out at amazing prices. I love this site because the prices of the hair drop every hour until sold. There are only limited quantities so you have to get them before they are gone!

Our first hair project, Luxury Hair Direct, is a hair extension affiliate network that allows you to setup a free website instant and start selling weave. It also allows you to build a team of sellers and earn a percentage of their sales. The concept works great for some that need something just to get started. The more successful sellers generally will end up creating their own hair brand with us.

Wig Market is the first marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of custom made wigs. This is 100% a technology company as Wig Market itself does not inventory or own any wigs. It is all provided by the sellers on the site. I believe this will be one of the largest wig websites and stores in the internet. The entire system has been custom built with amazing features. The list of things to do with this site are never ending but it is so exciting to see it evolve.

Atlanta has been a great place to be in the hair business. It is so great working with so many people that want to launch their own hair brands. I am always looking for ways to improve our services with great products and customer support. We are moving so fast in the industry it will be interesting to see what happens next!

Fighting Fraud in the Hair Extension Industry

Fight Consumer Fraud

We have been making great headway in the hair extension industry! From supplying wholesale, retail, technology, wig marketplace and more many know my group as the Atlanta Hair Connect. We have been working hard to build relationships with everyone we do business with in every aspect of the business. Although, there is one thing that I absolutely hate about the hair extension business. FRAUD & CHARGEBACKS! This industry is so great except for this aspect of the business. Hair Extensions are considered “high risk” transactions by credit card processors. It is time to change that!

Consumer Fraud Industry

Over the past few days I have taken action by creating the Consumer Fraud Agency website. The purpose of the site is to get business owners to come together in one place to list the details of fraudulent customers. The website is easily searchable so if a business owner has a feeling a transaction is fraudulent they can check the system as a backup. We are going to encourage hair extension business owners to submit all the information they can about the scammers in the industry. The website is heavily SEO optimized so this information will be readily available in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is time to fight back!

If you or any of your contacts are business owners in the hair extension industry please help us fight back and join the Consumer Fraud Agency!

How Maja Snagged Pat’s Touched by an Angel Facebook Page

Touched by an Angel Salon

Earlier today I wrote about the scene I was in on Cutting it in the ATL as Maja’s Website Manager and “Tech Guy.” I had a bunch of friends ask me what exactly we did. Well here you go…

I was in the crowd at the event you might have watched in Episode 4 where Pat made obituaries for Maja and showed up in a Hurst. It was actually really funny, but obviously not for Maja. I had no idea who Pat was at that time but decided to do a little research. I found her website Touched by an Angel Salon and noticed that in the footer her Facebook icon linked to a blank page on Facebook. This often happens when you hire a web developer that is not double checking their work. When I noticed this I gave Maja a quick text to show her. This was in the beginning of episode 5.

Next, I showed Maja that all she needed to do was to create a new Facebook Page and get 25 likes on the page to set the URL with Facebook. This takes just a few minutes by sending the page to 25 people to like. Once the URL was set with Facebook then she just needed to add her photos and products to the page. Now at this point Facebook’s link on Pat’s Touched by an Angel Salon now directed traffic directly to Maja.

How to fix. All Pat really would need to do is change the link of her website to her Facebook page. That process takes about 30 seconds. Obviously if you don’t understand how all this works it may seem like a bigger deal than it is.

We then setup some Google Ads that would focus on keywords related to Pat’s salon. This is a VERY COMMON marketing technique where you are advertising against your competitors. It works very well if your product/service/website looks much more professional than the company you are advertising against.

On the show with editing they obviously make the whole situation really dramatic. Anyone with very basic marketing knowledge and an eye for looking for competitors mistakes could have done the same thing. It was a great time filming with Maja and the WETV cast.

This Hair Extension Website is Beautiful!

Your Hair Website

Do I really need any more marketing websites about our hair extension services? Simply put, yes! I am just not going to stop building them until we own all the top listings in search. There is a reason we are #1 in search for Hair Extension Dropshipping. Well we are also #2. As a matter of fact we are also ranked #7 with Private Label Extensions. My goal is to get this new website, Your Hair Website, up to position #3. This is NOT an easy process. There are very specific things you need to do with SEO to get to this position.

The problem with new website owners is that they get discouraged when their websites are not ranking well after a few months. All my strategies are set at 2 years. Most of the time it doesn’t take near that long and I will work as hard as I can but setting a 2 year goal will help with levels of frustration when things just are not going well. Dropship Bundles climbed the ranks in just 6 months. That is awesome!

Modern Hair Extension Website

I created Your Hair Website as a place to further display and explain our dropshipping and hair extension website services. I have built a great team to help with the brand building process for anyone looking to get in the hair extension business. We are really going to focus hard on people that are serious about selling hair and part of hair extension affiliate programs like my very own Luxury Hair Direct and Mayvenn. Most people want their own hair brand but do not know how to get started. My concepts was to lower the barrier of entry by providing both website services and hair extension dropshipping. These are two things my team are experts at. We are always looking on how to be more efficient and improve the process. At this point we are launching a new hair brand every day! That is just crazy but the hard work is paying off.

Dropshipping for hair extensions is by far the best way for someone to get started in the hair business. Our advantage is being Atlanta based where we can get the hair orders to their clients very quickly opposed to buying from overseas sources. I will continue to grow this part of the business and working with more hair entrepreneurs looking to start their own hair line.

Mikey – Maja’s Website Manager on Cutting it in the ATL

Mikey - Maja's Website Manager

It was great to be part of WETV’s Cutting it in the ATL Episode 5 “World Wide Web of Lies” last night! You might have seen me as Maja’s Website Manager. I was at the “Funeral” set for Maja by Pat and thought this is too much. Time to strike back!

Working with Maja over the past year has been so much fun. There is really nobody like her. As a team we are really unstoppable. I work with so many people in the hair extension industry and to this day I will still say Maja is “The hardest working woman in weave!” This is why everyone on Cutting it in the ATL is always trying to battle with her. People love to hate on success.

I realized Pad did not secure her Facebook URL that was linked from here site. Time to snatch that up! We had some other tricky advertising techniques in place that would focus on location and specific keywords. Understanding how to advertise on the web is really powerful!

Maja's Website Manager on Cutting it in the ATL

Initially Maja wanted to bring Pat in on our projects because she does have a big base in the Southside of Atlanta. Pat made the big mistake of acting crazy and not securing the business relationship with Maja. That is why I had a present for Pat, a box of tissues. And let Maja know that “I am the Justin Timberlake of Weaves and she can cry me a river when we don’t do business with her.” If you are going to disrespect Maja then you are not going to be part of the weave takeover we are part of. It’s not about the money. It’s about the relationships. Money will come when working with smart, motivated and brilliant people. Focus on great products and services for success.

We filmed this scene sometime late last year. It was a blast! This is my first appearance on Reality TV which is cool. A lot different than back in the days when I would be cooking CurrySimple on Live TV.

This is what happens when you work with the best Hair Connect in Atlanta that knows products AND technology.

Mikey on Cutting it in the ATL?

Cutting it in the ATL

Atlanta Hair Connect on Reality TV

If you love hair and reality TV then look no further than Cutting it in the ATL on WE TV. The show includes a bunch of stylists in Atlanta that own hair salons and “compete” against each other in the industry. I was asked to film a few scenes in November & December of 2015. I know they shoot a LOT of different scenes over the few months of filming so you never know what will actually air once they chop up the footage.

A friend had early access to some of the episodes and said that I was in the second one as best she could remember. This could be interesting. I generally keep who we work with very private as I do understand people especially in the hair industry like to protect their sources. Our wholesale company Private Label Extensions is truly private about their clients. When celebrities come into our office the staff is not going to ask for a selfie with them. Nope. Never. We treat everyone the same. There area really two sides to being successful in the hair industry and you need both to really make it. Think of it like a restaurant, there is a “Front of the House” and Back of the House.” The front of the house is the appearance, marketing, customer service and everything else the customer sees. This is what most people like to do. Our team handles the back of the house for clients. This includes product inventory, shipping, logistics, packaging, product sourcing and tracking. We also handle the technology behind a lot of brands with web development. The back of the house is what we are GREAT at. When you team up with someone, like on a TV show, it becomes a very powerful team.

It would be exciting to make my Reality Television debut tonight on Cutting it in the ATL. Although, I never really get excited until I actually see it. Check out Cutting it in the ATL tonight on WE TV at 10 PM ET to see if I made the cut!

Wig Market Launches!

Wig Market

My Marketplace journey has begun! On Friday, July 1st we launched the first marketplace that matches buyers & sellers of wigs. Wig Market has been in development for almost 9 months and I am so excited to open up the platform to the public. We first registered the domain and secured the social media profiles in April of 2015. The main issue was working out how to split the payments but have the wig maker responsible for the majority of the payment as Wig Market only takes a 10% cut of the sale. After I found the platform that does this in early October we were off to the races with development.

The platform at this point is really solid. I have been reaching out to our wig sellers to see what we are missing as far as listing options or if there was anything else we missed. The goal is to quickly make updates to the site and improve it constantly. Next week the Android and iOS apps should be completed. The apps were developed exclusively for the Wig Sellers of the platform to make it easier to list their wigs. When you launch a marketplace you have to get inventory on the site as quickly as possible or else the customers will not have anything to buy. The Android app should be in the Google Play store the following week and hopefully Apple will let us in iTunes quickly.

So after the first week I realized I was correct about the difficulty of marketplaces. You not only have to attract buyers but also sellers to the platform at the same time. This is not an easy task! This is a common issue with launching marketplaces. Because we have been in the hair industry for a few years it has really helped with the ability to tap into our other businesses for support. I have been writing blog posts on our sites announcing the launch. This has sent some great traffic and will also really help with SEO. But even with everything we are doing I know this is going to be a 2 – 3 year uphill battle. I was mentally drained when I got home this week. The only thing I can do is keep pushing.

I really believe in this project. There are many inefficiencies in how wigs are sold online. Wig Market will also be great for consumers because it will create competition between the stylists. It will make everyone be better, more cost effective and efficient. Wig Market is 100% a technology company. Wig Market does not actually own anything but the website. It will be interesting to see how the press views it once I start contacting them. I call the current launch Phase I. My idea for Phase II is what will really set this site apart from anything else in the hair industry. I am hoping to launch Phase II in August as we are planning at showcasing the project at the Bronner Brothers summer show.

My goal is to make Wig Market the #1 source for buying and selling custom made wigs!

#1 in Hair Extension Dropshipping!

Dropshipping Hair Extensions

The barrier to entry in E-Commerce has been set much lower with the rise of the popular service, dropshipping. Dropshipping allows online store owners to buy from suppliers at the wholesale price at smaller quantities and have the products shipped directly to the consumer. This allows the store owner to hold virtually any inventory for their online business. It also will save a daily trip to the post office to drop off packages!

One of our hair extension services is Private Label Extensions, a USA based wholesale hair extension supplier. Last year I decided to work on creating a few dropshipping solutions for hair extensions. It just made sense. We already have all the hair in stock. We are fantastic with logistics and technology. It was the perfect spinoff from our current solution.

We first created Dropship Extensions which offers a free Shopify APP. You setup your Shopify store and then import the app. The app allows you to import all our products. Once you have your store all setup and a customer makes a purchase the app will automatically charge the store owners card the wholesale price. Our team packs & ships the order and provides the store owner with tracking information. The store owner then keeps the difference between the Retail Price and Wholesale Price which is usually a really great margin.

I later realized that many store owners already had a store setup but was tired of the ordering and shipping process. In a weekend I created the base for Dropship Bundles. I had the vision for the dropshipping idea in my head an had to create it! This is a membership based site that gives you access to all our inventory at wholesale prices. We will also ship small dropship orders to our members customers. This program has been a huge success over the past few months!

It is also important to remember the impact having a website SEO optimized for success. As you can see in the image above we rank both #1 and #2 for Dropshipping Hair Extensions. This is a huge accomplishment as their have been other companies in the industry for much longer than us. We have focused on a long term strategy for SEO success. You have to focus on great content, site structure, internal linking and sometimes luck. I remind my awesome team that many of our projects are going to take 1 – 2 years to be successful in search. Maybe we got luck on this one?

Entrepreneurship is Tough! Keep Pushing!

I posted on Facebook a little while ago about being an Entrepreneur and how it can be tough. Really tough at some times. I know for me personally 2010 was such a bad year for me it made me re-think my journey as an Entrepreneur. I kept pushing through the tough times and have found my way in the hair extension business here in Atlanta. You have to work twice as hard as the average person. As you can see in the video this hard work can sometimes payoff!

Cutting it in Atlanta Season 2!

Cutting it in the ATL

Best Hair Reality Show!

Are you a fan of WETV’s hit show Cutting it in the ATL? I sure am! Everyone needs a little drama in their life. I can’t wait for Season 2 which will air July 14th, 2016. I watched them film a few episodes and have to say they are going to be awesome. The tension between the ladies is something to be seen. Maja is all about her business and taking over the world why everyone else is focused on raging around town trying to hold others back. Can’t wait to see the first episode!

New Hair Extension Clearance Project!

Hair Extension Clearance Website

Another Hair Extension Weekend Warrior Project

Do you ever get an idea? It happens to me way too often. Especially when it comes to a new web project! As an Entrepreneur you have to be careful about having too many irons in the fire. I try to stay focused on everything “Hair Extensions” because that is the space I am in. Building a network of hair extension websites over the past few years has become a very successful venture. Anytime I can find a reason to build a new site I will. And I will usually do it really fast.

I was hanging out in Atlanta Friday night with my mind doing it’s normal wandering and thought about the extra hair we always have in the office. This is generally from companies sending us samples, trying to create products for our customers and suppliers not making them perfect or a host of other reasons. I needed an easy way to sell these. I also wanted to find a way to sell products that are not in our normal hair product line. Not sure why but I thought of a clearance site that creates a sense of urgency by the prices dropping hourly with limited quantities. Yeah you can keep waiting for the price to drop but another customer might scoop it up before you. This was it. I was going to create the site this weekend.

Hair For Sale Clearance

I generally always go with a .COM domain name but was feeling a little “crazy” this weekend and ventured into the new realm of domain extensions. I picked up Hair.ForSale! You really can’t get much better than that for a hair clearance domain name. I designed a simple but sweet looking logo (pictured above), setup a new WordPress site, bought a minimal theme and went to work. I was flying through the project without any issues. At this point it is almost scary how fast I can build a new hair brands with one of my ideas. In this case the total time from start to finish may have been a total of 5 hours. I usually break up my development projects in segments so I can be hyper efficient.

Price Drop

This week I plan on adding a bunch of new products. Really excited about the hourly price drop concept. I almost think I built this site just to try and figure out how to do the price dropping feature. Either way the site looks amazing on Desktop & Mobile. Mobile is crucial for the hair extension business as about 90% of our shoppers are doing so from their mobile phones.

Just another fun weekend warrior project in Atlanta!