Starting from the Beginning

Mikey Moran

New Year! New Website!

In 2009, I first began writing about my life, experiences and adventures on A few hundred posts, a wealth of information and a few years later it was all lost. The site was hosted on a service called “Posterous” which was later acquired by Twitter, then shut down. I didn’t properly export my files and then the Posterous servers were shut down. Years of posts gone! It was a Mike Tyson powered shot to the gut.

I am admittedly not a great writer. I can create some amazing content and with my ongoing desire to consume large amounts of data. My grammar, not so great. With intentions to improve my grammatical skills, I am once again sharing my knowledge on my personal website. The only way to improve is to continue to write!

Now that I am officially back for 2015, I will focus on my passions. You will see exactly what they are in the navigation menu above.

I hope I have your attention – Enjoy!

Mikey Moran

I am a serial entrepreneur! My previous products, marketing techniques and strategies have been featured in the likes of The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, FOX, CBS, CNBC, ABC, INC, AJC, Social Media Marketing for Dummies, Atlanta Business Chronicle and around the web.