Touched by an Angel Salon

How Maja Snagged Pat’s Touched by an Angel Facebook Page

Earlier today I wrote about the scene I was in on Cutting it in the ATL as Maja’s Website Manager and “Tech Guy.” I had a bunch of friends ask me what exactly we did. Well, here you go…

I was in the crowd at the event you might have watched in Episode 4 where Pat made obituaries for Maja and showed up in a Hurst. It was actually really funny, but obviously not for Maja. I had no idea who Pat was at that time but decided to do a little research. I found her website Touched by an Angel Salon and noticed that in the footer her Facebook icon linked to a blank page on Facebook. This often happens when you hire a web developer that is not double-checking their work. When I noticed this I gave Maja a quick text to show her. This was at the beginning of episode 5.

Next, I showed Maja that all she needed to do was to create a new Facebook Page and get 25 likes on the page to set the URL with Facebook. This takes just a few minutes by sending the page to 25 people to like. Once the URL was set with Facebook then she just needed to add her photos and products to the page. Now at this point, Facebook’s link on Pat’s Touched by an Angel Salon now directed traffic directly to Maja.

How to fix. All Pat really would need to do is change the link of her website to her Facebook page. That process takes about 30 seconds. Obviously, if you don’t understand how all this works it may seem like a bigger deal than it is.

We then set up some Google Ads that would focus on keywords related to Pat’s salon. This is a VERY COMMON marketing technique where you are advertising against your competitors. It works very well if your product/service/website looks much more professional than the company you are advertising against.

On the show with editing, they obviously make the whole situation really dramatic. Anyone with very basic marketing knowledge and an eye for looking for competitors mistakes could have done the same thing. It was a great time filming with Maja and the WETV cast.

Mikey Moran

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